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The game pages offer a selection of activities for people of all ages. The content of the easy-to-use game pages are designed to take into account the special needs of people who use plain language and AAC methods (pictures, signs and bliss symbolics).

The pages include 

  • games
  • exercises
  • tools

The contents of the pages can also be used in rehabilitation and teaching. Many of the exercises are also suitable for practicing skills that are needed in communicating with pictures, bliss symbols or manual signs.

Most of the content on the pages is operated with the spacebar and enter keys on the computer, or their corresponding switches. If the game program doesn’t react to the pressing of computer keys, click the mouse once on the game window. Switches can be connected to the computer through a switch interface.

If you wish to send a story to be published on the game pages, please contact papunet[at]kvl[dot]fi.

Game page functions 

These functions make it easier to browse through the game menu and choose games that can also be operated with switches or a touch screen and tablet. You will find the functions on the right side of the pages.

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  select UPPER CASE/lower case for text

show games that can be operated with switches (spacebar and enter)

Game functions

instructions (for game)

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listen (to text)

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Technical requirements for games

To ensure that the game site functions properly, we recommend you use the latest version of the www browser program. The games work with at least the following freeware web browsers: Mozilla Firefox (all versions), Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 8 and later), Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

The games will open in tablet as well.

Copyright and Privacy Policy

The Papunet game site is protected by copyright. Even partial copying and use of the graphic and sound material on the site for commercial purposes is forbidden.

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Images on the site

Images from the following image banks are used with permission on the site: 


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