Description of program

The drawing program is versatile and easy to use, and it is operated with the mouse. Pictures produced with the program can either be saved on your own computer or in our Drawing Gallery which is open to all.

You can use the drawing program if you have freeware containing Java extension installed in your computer (Java Runtime Environment). 

Using the drawing program

1. First choose the background picture.

2. Then choose the drawing and other tools by clicking the mouse on the corresponding selection buttons.

  • You can find the drawing and other tools in the upper frame.
  • Specifications for the tools can be selected in the left frame.
  • Colors can be chosen in the lower frame.
  • New backgrounds and saving and printing functions are found in the right frame.

Saving the picture

1. Click the mouse on the 'save picture' button.

2. Confirm your selection.

3. Choose the target where you want to save your picture and follow the given instructions.