The Memory Game is an adaptation of the traditional memory game played with cards. The aim is to find picture pairs among the cards that are face down. The game is basically meant to be played alone, but other players can also join in.

You can choose from memory cards with amounts, numbers or a combination of both. The game can be played with 4, 8 or 12 cards.

How to play

The game is played by using the mouse, or pressing the spacebar and enter or their corresponding switches (scanning).

With the spacebar you can scan through the different alternatives, approve your selection with enter.

1. Choose the type of cards you want to play with.

2. Choose the number of cards.

3. Turn two cards. You can select a card and turn it by clicking the mouse on it or by using the spacebar and enter.

4. Matching pairs stay face up. Wrong pairs turn face down automatically.

Select new game

When the game has ended, you can select the same game again or return to the card choices.